Drawing with iron

2010, Anna Serraiotto

Mattia Trotta is an italian artist-sculptor, who expresses himself by modelling shapes with intertwined metal wires, using a personal, innovative technique.

Smith and weaver at the same time, Mattia  moulds shapes with steel, silver, aluminum and bronze.  Grace and power originate from his hands, in the act of giving form to the simple matter, through the use of a wire  that visibly vibrates under our eyes.

His sculptures have no dimensional limits, and many of them already adorn various squares and parks in Italy.

From a chaotic, primordial silence, the wire crashes, clumps and stratifies among the sculptor’s fingers, where the adventure of a metamorphosis begins: “Every line has its reason to exist, the work of art is solid; nevertheless the wind flows through it and the air integrates with the volume, connecting the sculpture  with the surrounding environment.” he says.

Loaded with expressivity, the subjects are the result of a very slow, careful, industrious and fine artisanal process, which takes care of every single detail. His modus operandi is the figurative art: nature, animals and human beings represent the main inspiring source and are enhanced in their shapes and beauty.

“Thought, communication, feeling: all you need to link them is a wire. Rhythm and speed are given by my wire to the volumes in which I choose to enclose it and my art blends together lights and shadows, silences and chaos, sky and earth”.



Vibrating surfaces

2012, Achille Pruna

…The search for essentiality and the soul’s images captured through a figurative piece of work, which puts down its roots in the dream and in the subconscious, are necessary aspects to ensure that the interlocutor can enjoy them. The pursuit of anatomical perfection, as in classicism, embraces the expressionism, which combines the poetry of forms with the emotional tension of the surfaces.

A modern piece of work that is far from being a serial product, as it is often demanded by the market, but it requires long periods of production, and a deep and real intimacy with the topics addressed. The gesture of the artist, imprinted in the material, marks the frequency of vibrations, resonant with the soul.



Chaos tamed

2008, Mattia Trotta

In the wire I see the perfect conductor of my creativity that will satisfy the communication needs, induce deep emotions and promulgate, between the lines, the thought. The eye is caught by the stroke, which is rarely found in sculpture, a palpable, nervous and frantic sign, that donates rhythm and speed to the volumes in which it is enclosed.

– It is the chaos, tamed – the frenzy of modern society, the background buzz of the inner life, the ongoing struggle between good and evil, lights and shadows harnessed and converted into works that evoke the state of being, at times creating archetypes to refer to, in order to emerge from the depths of the human condition.

To each line it is given reason to exist, the work is firm but the wind passes through it and the air becomes an integral part of the volume linking it to the environment.


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